Money Manifestation: Learn how to manifest all you desire

Manifest money now

Download includes two workbooks and a bonus guided meditation

This course has proven to be hugely effective in changing my clients beliefs about money.  

Utilising the law of attraction, manifestation and quantum physics it is designed to get you moving away from what you don’t want and towards all the amazing things that you do want. Once you have done the course you will understand how to manifest money into your life and see a shift in your thinking. Within a month if you continue the routines that I set you up with you will see money flowing into your life.  

When you do this course you will explore the following:  


-Your beliefs and how to change them  

– Your current beliefs about money  

– Your defining moments around money  

– Where you are focusing your energy  

– The law of attraction and where to focus your energy  

– How to create empowering beliefs  

– Money Mantras


Creating a routine to manifest money – The importance of gratitude – Incorporating money mantras – Creating a vision – How to manifest using future gratitude – Setting goals and intentions – Knowing what to focus on to get results – Incorporating meditation into your routine PLUS – A free guided meditation download Your investment: $67.00

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